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We would love to connect with you and where you are in your journey with God. Please let us know contact information you are comfortable with sharing and any area of our church you’re interested in getting more involved with.

Ladies Delight Devotions

Delight Devotions are every Wednesday @ 10AM, Prayer starts @ 9AM

Zoom Meeting

Ladies Relate Events

Ladies are reminded of their true value as God’s daughters. Their Father has given them authority to go forward and live in power, love and soundness of mind. They are taught to love one another and forgive one another; hearts need to stay pure and available for Him to use, and TOGETHER we are more powerful! Our next Ladies Relate will be announced here. Hope to see you.  #LadiesRelate


Gathers men from different backgrounds, churches and communities and brings them together as one force for the Kingdom of God. They are taught how to lead in every area of life. They become leaders in their churches, communities and homes. They in turn teach other men to do the same. Stay tuned for our next #ManUp

SouledOut Youth

Ages 13-17

This is the time to draw in youth and young people. Jesus is coming soon! It is time to be the light that shatters darkness. Make sure youth allows notifications for SouledOut Youth are their app. Every Friday on Zoom & one Sunday a month in person. Gatherings are announced during zoom meeting.

The next generation called to be a city set on a hill …

Zoom Meeting

Young Lions

Age 18-24

Meet with us online every Thursday

Zoom Meeting

Children’s Ministry

Jesus called them to Him and said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God.” Luke 18:16

Children ministry is one of the greatest if not the greatest ministry. You are able to instill a seed of love and God’s Word to a child. What an honor! A child is not able to make their own choices, this may be the only time they enter a church at that age. Take advantage of these moments, make your Heavenly Father proud, by planting seeds of love to babes and God will give the increase.

Victory Life


Phone # 760-701-2001

Men Home Director Victor Guzman

Phone # 760-288-0415

Women Home Director Bea Guzman